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Living in Denial Road Trip '07!

Sarah and I fight the dying of the light of our spontaneous youth by heading out on a crazy-ass road trip with baby and Paco.  My 97 Corolla is tuned up and ready to tack on another three thousand miles.  Our first stop is in Omaha.  We don't know anybody there, but soon will as a woman responded to my ad on Craig's list and is letting us use her house.  She even has a back yard for Paco.  We're hoping she doesn't kill us and steal Quin.  But I asked her that and she said she wouldn't. 

But if you know someone named Allison in Omaha and she's an f'n nut, please let us know. 

Quick tip:  Here is the best gift to give any newly babied couple.   And here is the second. 

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